Experimental Fences in the Surroundings of Lareo and Ausa Gaztetu at the Aralar Nature Park Are Now Installed

By preventing herbivores from entering, we aim to promote the germination of yew seeds produced by nearby specimens which may grow to a prominent size.

The site was chosen according to the guidelines set by the completed characterization study (which finds herbivores to be a relevant factor in both settings) and considering the environment features, the presence of yew individuals, the regenerated companion species, and the lack of interference with socio-economic uses. The site boundaries were agreed upon during the joint visits with representatives of the Mancomunidad of Aralar and the Municipality which owns one of the lands (Abaltzisketa). During those visits, interest for the Project was shown and the presence of the travelling exhibition and the delivery of informative conferences —whenever COVID-19 restrictions allow to— were requested.