Expected results

  1. Update the mapping of habitat 9580* (EFDAC dataset) and clarify its interpretation and management criteria in the Cantabrian Mountains.

  2. Increase the occupancy area of habitat 9580* by 145.9 hectares, which will increase 6.9% of the habitat area in the EU, according to data ETC / BD & EEA 2007-2012.

  3. Improve structure and functions of habitat 9580* by 541 hectares, which is 25.8% of the habitat area in the EU, according to ETC / BD & EEA data 2007-2012.

  4. Cultivation of 132,720 plants of endemic species of habitat 9580*.

  5. Control and extraction of exotic species from reforestation on 45 hectares.

  6. Increase the connectivity of habitat 9580*.

  7. Achieve 481 hectares for the protection of habitat 9580* against herbivory.

  8. Reach 32,960 meters of fences for the protection of habitat 9580* against herbivores.

  9. Reach 35 kilometers of tracks and forest paths and 5 hectares of zonal actions to improve and adapt the vegetation in the areas adjacent to and prevent fire propagation.

  10. Create two germplasm banks of 33 Cantabrian populations Taxus baccata pertaining to habitat 9580*.

  11. Create five arboreta of yew populations.

  12. Create fifteen Forest Genetic Conservation Units established and integrated into the EUFORGEN program.

  13. Determinate the variability and genetic relationships of yew populations and degree of genetic connectivity. Kinship structure and genotypic database (includes dataset EFDAC).

  14. Involve owners in habitat conservation 9580* by signing the Convention.

  15. Take advantage of the results of European projects in the BACCATA LIFE such as LinkTree (6th Framework Program), LIFE TAXUS (LIFE 12 NAT / PT / 950 and LIFE 11 NAT / ES / 711) or EUFORGEN program.

  16. Transfer the project results for replicability in the distribution area of habitat 9580* in the EU.

  17. Sensitize and increase knowledge of the general population about habitat 9580*.

  18. Involve forest owners, ranchers and forest owners in the conservation and management of habitat 9580*.

  19. Contribute to the sustainable development of the municipalities where the project actions are developed, which are located in mountainous areas.